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River Valley Elite 


How do I pay for classes?
We offer payment options for monthly subscription plans at the gym where we accept cash, credit/debit, and checks. 


What should my child wear for class?
Shorts, t-shirt, & tennis shoes. Leotards and no shoes are fine for the toddler classes.


Are your classes insured?

Yes, the gym is licensed and insured through USASF. 


What are your term dates?

Fall: August 1-December 31

Spring: January 1-May 31

Summer: June 1-July 31

Are your teachers qualified?
Yes. All of our coaches have experience in the cheer/gymnastics field and are certified through USASF, USA cheer, and have their greenlight background check. 


Can we still join your classes after the term has started?

Yes, as long as there are openings in the class.


Can parents watch?
Yes, parents are allowed to watch from the lobby. Parents are not allowed into the gym unless their child is under 2 years of age. 


What is your ratio of children to coaches?

1 coach to every 4 students.

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